CCTV Survey

Our CCTV systems provide a wide range of services that include: 

Pre-adoption CCTV Surveys

Pre-adoption surveys are carried out by builders, architects, developers and local authorities when buying or taking over assets which involve drainage systems. It provides confirmation and security that the pipelines are in good condition, that no unknown environmental risks are being accepted and there are no hidden problems within the drainage systems.

Home Buyer/Seller CCTV Surveys

Pre-purchase house surveys are now required by most mortgage lenders, alongside giving peace of mind to the prospective property buyer. This can be particularly relevant if the property is older, refurbishment has been undertaken, or if there have been construction activities in the surrounding area.

  • Blockage Location
  • Drainage Infrastructure
  • Fault Detection
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Environment – verification of Facilities / Depot Drainage
  • DVD Recording of CCTV Survey
  • Fully written report provided including recommendations